The Larl's Bay Trading Post

Once a long ago, one of the Marauders from the frozen reaches of Torvaldsland decided to take his family to a better place then struggle to survive another harsh winter there  and the trading post started as a waystation in a protected bay . A stop between the northern mainland of Gor to those cold reaches of the north. However, as time went on and those that settled here did learn some of the ways of the southern lifestyle and the waystation slowly evolved into a place of trade of furs, lumber and other goods found from the landscape that we are in and still hospitality. Although tucked into one of the craggy bays between Helmutsport and Thorstein’s Lair, the bay itself was named for the first animal that the Northman and his family saw, that of the Larl.

This is a place where the people are built to survive and thrive in harsh conditions. The winters are not easy, but yet with the trade from the various hunters, seamen, outlaws and the panther girls of the Northern Forest, the post has survived for many years. Come sit by our fire and barter for goods or even to listen to the yarns of old traditions.

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